Bulldog Master Brewer - warranty

Bulldog Master Brewer comes with a 12-month no-quibble part replace/repair warranty. This is the "Commercial Guarantee", not to be confused with your "Legal Guarantee" as stated by an EU regulation, or there may be national rules offering even better protection (varies from country to country). A good explanation of the EU guarantee can be found here.

Our Commercial Warranty, in short:

If your unit develops a fault during first 12 months from your purchase, we will repair it for you, free of charge - provided the fault is not due to mishandling. You will need to return the Master Brewer to the shop where you bought it, at your own cost though. The retailer will handle all contacts with us. We do not handle warranty issues directly with consumers. You will also need to provide a proof of purchase (normally the invoice or receipt) to show that you bought the item less than 12 months ago. You may have to wait some time, as we will repair your Brewer. You will not normally get a new one. The repaired unit will be returned directly to you (if in the UK) at no extra freight charge to yourself, or to the trader/distributor if outside UK.

The EU legal guarantee in short:

If your item develops a fault within 6 months after purchase (not caused by mishandling), you are normally entitled to a free repair or replacement - handled via the trader, not the manufacturer.

If your item develops a fault within 6 months - 2 years after the purchase, the same applies, but you must prove that the product had a fault when you bought it. That normally takes a technical investigation by an expert, it is not enough to say "not working now".